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Bass Tribe is founded on a simple set of intentions. We aspire to create a space where the beat community can come together and grow. This means first and foremost working with the local beat community to create a place where producers can share ideas, play their work out regularly, DJs can improve their craft, and where listeners can watch it all unfold. We believe in the future of beat culture, in music and all its possibilities for empowerment, expression, and power to connect people on so many levels. We aspire to engender a comfortable place for creatives to express themselves around the beat as well. We call that complimentary force Craft Tribe and encourage each city to match the beats on display with art and craft from the area. The resulting energy is wholesome, memorable, positive, and it creates a vibe that can truly inspire everyone in the building to get down their own way.

Our intention is to carefully build nights in cities with great people who are interested in creating creative community, evolving bass music, and of course dancing til they kick us out….and then into the streets. Come join the tribe!